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Nov 23, 2012 5:00pm PST
will ban sale, purchase or possession of shark fins. opponents point out it's okay to use the rest of the sharks.. >> you can go to costco and have shark taik steaks but you cannot have shark fins. that is the argument being made now there. is a sense of injustice. >> supporters say fins are cruelly obtained. opponents blaming it violates 14th aeft. >> if you're shopping for a tab blet have you plenty to choose from. newest ones offer great features but it could be a tough decision. do you need to pay a premium? will a less expensive tablet suit your needs? consumer reports has low down. the world of tablets keeps growing. entries include the nook hd, hd plus, ipad mini and surface. microsoft first tablet. consumer reports tests to find the best. there are big differences. for example, the $500 surface has a superb screen plus a handy stand. and you can get it covered with a built in key boorksd however, content, microsoft has a way to go. >> windows tablets lack access from apple. or the amazon and barns and nobel offerings.. >> size is another important consideration. the 7.8 inc
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1